Blackberry Cheesecake Brownies

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Brownies are a delectable treat with rich chocolate flavour, but they can be quite varied too. They can be either chewy and dense or fudgy and moist, contain nuts or chocolate chips, or have an interesting topping or icing. In the case of this blackberry cheesecake brownies recipe, the brownies are topped with a cream cheese mixture that is swirled with blackberries giving them a pretty, purple topping. Sarah, the author of the Broma Bakery recipe blog, came up with this brownie recipe when she needed something to provide another blog with. She adores brownies and came up with this unique take on a cream cheese brownie recipe. If you adore the combination of tangy fruit and chocolate, these easy brownies will be the dessert for you.

The base of these brownies is super soft and fudgy, and the perfect contrast to the smooth and creamy cheese topping. What gives these brownies the chocolate taste is cocoa powder, which is a strong and bitter type of chocolate. The taste gets balanced out by plenty of granulated sugar, which is also important to achieve the texture of these brownies. Unsalted butter adds moisture and richness making this brownie recipe so decadent to eat. Since only cocoa powder is used, the sugar and butter round it out and help it do all the things that melted semi-sweet chocolate would. Although you might think that the brownie and cheesecake layers would be baked separately, they are assembled completely and baked together. Once the brownie batter is spread into a baking pan, the cheesecake mixture is spread on top before being swirled with the blackberry puree. The result is a brownie recipe that holds together well when cut and the cheesecake part starts to turn golden around the edges as a regular cheesecake would.

Just as with cheesecake recipes, the cheesecake mixture for these fun desserts is combined with a few other ingredients to give it set and creaminess once baked. An egg will help the cheesecake set on top of the brownies, while the addition of Greek yoghurt will loosen the cream cheese and make it easier to spread over the brownie batter. Although you may be tempted to use another kind of yoghurt, Greek yoghurt will be the best choice because it is thicker than many other kinds of yoghurt and won’t loosen the cheesecake mixture too much. It also adds a tangy kick that compliments the blueberries and chocolate perfectly. You won’t use a lot of Greek yoghurt in this brownie recipe, but you can always have the rest for breakfast with fresh fruit and seeds if desired. Alternatively, try using up your Greek yoghurt leftovers in a dressing for potato salad. It’s so tangy and creamy that it is the perfect substitute for sour cream or mayonnaise if those are what you normally use.

If you are looking for simple dessert recipes that are show-stopping to take to a party or event, these will fit the bill perfectly. Their decadent cheesecake topping and swirls of blackberry will likely be something people haven’t seen before and will adore. The process of making this cream cheese brownie recipe from start to finish is so easy from mixing the batter to the cheesecake topping, and they look so impressive with the berries. Of course, if you don’t enjoy blackberries, you could substitute with another variety of berry, such as raspberries. The final results will be just as remarkable. Thank you to Sarah, the author of the Broma Bakery recipe blog, for sharing her blackberry cheesecake brownie recipe with us.

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