Blackberry Pie Bars

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Blackberry Pie Bars are made from a fruit that is really quite tender, and that can be difficult to find, even in prime summer season. But blackberries can provide a unique and fabulous flavor as well as color and texture to any thing that you might be able to make with them. Pricing might keep blackberries out of your financial reach, but even if you can only afford them occasionally, do try this recipe for Blackberry Pie Bars. Frozen blackberries might be more readily available and also more affordable, so look for those in the freezer section of the grocery store.

This is a simple recipe where the cookie base and the streusel like topping are made from the same blend. Part of the blend is held back, while the rest is pressed in to a cake pan and baked. When the base is cool enough, the very eggy fruit mixture is poured on top and sprinkled with the rest of the cookie base mixture. Bake the whole thing, and you are done. These are lovely bars that taste great whether you serve them warm or cold. Warm, the berries are great with ice cream or whipped cream. Cold, these bars are perfect just as they are. When cold, the berries become much more tart, and so serve them without any additions like ice cream or whipped cream.

These are easy bars to make that are really a nice change from the usual berry filled (but always delicious) bars. Make them when berries are at the height of the season, and fresh black berries might be available. Frozen berries are used in this recipe, and that is a great second choice, when fresh may not be around, or could still be too costly. Any way you make them or eat them, berries in squares and bars are always fabulous and in demand. Enjoy this recipe soon!

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