Bloomin Cinnamon Rolls

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Try this recipe for these delicious little Bloomin Cinnamon Rolls, and make them on a Sunday morning to convince family members to sit a little longer around the breakfast table. Served warm, and even frosted, nothing tastes as good on a Sunday, as a warm and fresh cinnamon roll. And these Bloomin Cinnamon Rolls are particularly easy, easy enough for any one in the household (whoever is up earliest) to put together. Just get a commercial recipe, whether frozen for boxed, and follow the directions. Put the cinnamon rolls in to individual ramekins so they bake up separately and each person gets his or her own personal roll, which makes them very special.

The extra topping for these Bloomin Cinnamon Rolls makes the recipe extra delicious, and the icing can be added while the rolls are still warm. That will mean the icing will ooze in to all the cracks and crevices and make these rolls taste even more delicious than if you had just made up the box recipe. Cinnamon rolls are a great recipe that every one always enjoys. And cinnamon has plenty of goodness to promote eating it. Cinnamon comes from the inner bark of several related species of trees. There is often heated debate about what constitutes real or imitation cinnamon, but I would not let that worry me. Any kind of cinnamon has fabulous flavor, a strong mint and pepper flavor that adds plenty of punch to whatever dish it is added in to. Cinnamon also contains fiber, calcium and manganese, all of which are beneficial to your good health.

These cinnamon rolls are quick and easy to make, and will make every day feel very special. In our house, cinnamon rolls are almost always a Sunday morning treat, when time is available to sit around, enjoy the rolls and truly relax. Enjoy them soon.

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