Bloomin Onion Bread

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Bloomin Bread Recipes are becoming more popular. This is a super idea if you have friends over to watch a great movie or a game. The Bloomin Onion Bread recipes sort of offer that pizza type of feel, but you don't need to do as much preparation as a pizza when you are making it at home. Bloomin bread just takes a little pre-planning so you will have the few ingredients you will need to make this snack food.

What type of snacks do you like to make when you know you are having a night in with family or friends? Is this already one of them. Because of the onions in this recipe, I think of this more like an adult snack food, as children often are a little bit picky. The beauty of this is you can easily adapt the recipe just a little bit to suit small children as well.

Can you imagine your little kids returning from a soccer or baseball game with a couple of their little buddies, and you have this already prepared in the foil, ready to pop into the oven! It would be kind of like a very fancy grilled cheese, One can easily imagine all these little people in a circle round the table popping their little fingers into the bloomin bread and pulling out warm cheesy bread.

Snacks like this are going to make memories for you children, and you are going to be pretty popular among their friends. This would go very well with veggies and a dip, which could be used for both the veggies and the warm bread!

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