BLT Bowl

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Looking for a new salad to serve up at the next family gathering? Here’s a simple but mighty one called the Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Bowl, or “BLT Bowl” for short! It’s sure to be a favourite with everyone, even those who don’t usually even like salad.

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to the BLT sandwich, then you really need to try the BLT bowl – it’s the whole sandwich minus the bread! And if you’re not health conscious at all, you might just turn over a new leaf after trying this one. Rosie over at “The Londoner” blog, where we found this awesome recipe, calls this salad the “gateway” salad. Why? Because even if you don’t usually like salads and try this one, don’t be surprised if you start wanting more! The bacon in this salad really gives it the perfect boost of protein, not to mention flavour. So here you’ve got the best of all worlds – deliciousness, healthfulness, and protein!

Rosie started her blog to keep in touch with friends and family while living in good old London, UK, but now it’s become so popular she’s connecting with people all over the world. And she’s not just sharing recipes here – she’s also sharing her magical London experiences and travel stories. This is a lifestyle blog including everything from food to parties to fashion. It’s definitely a photo blog as well, with loads of stylish and tantalizing images, all taken by Rosie herself. Rosie’s a big advocate of writing a blog that she herself would read, so that means she makes every post interesting. Interesting enough, it seems, to be able to make a living from blogging. Good on ya, Rosie, for doing what you love.

Want the full recipe for the BLT Bowl? Then head on over to the “The Londoner” website by following the link in the description below!

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