BLT Macaroni Salad

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Mix it up a bit and forego the sandwich. Choose this BLT macaroni salad instead. The complementary flavors of bacon, lettuce and tomato in macaroni are a great blend that you will appreciate with pasta instead of on bread. It is a nice alternative to a classic combination. Your family will enjoy the switch, too. This salad can be served as a lunch or dinner dish, and can handle plenty of variations, as you and your family might prefer them. For example, you can use lettuce, or as the site recommends, toss in some spinach. You could also substitute a bit of kale for some of the lettuce as well. Swiss chard is yet another choice of greens to use, as is mustard or beet greens. Whatever your family enjoys would work. Because of the addition of bacon in to the recipe, this salad can easily balance the strong flavors of some darker greens like kale or spinach. These greens also bump up the nutritional quality of the food.

This salad could be served warm or cold, depending on how you enjoy it. Served warm, be sure to add greens that wilt when heated, like spinach, kale or Swiss chard, rather than lettuce. Served cold, lettuce is perfect. As well, to lower fat and salt, when you pre-cook the bacon, be sure to fully and completely pat it dry. This dish is pretty and appealing because of the colors that are in it, and your family will be attracted to it for that reason alone. Add in a bit of bacon and mayonnaise and you will hit a home run.

Served at lunch, just add a slice of thick bread, or nothing at all. For dinner, this could work with cold chicken, meat loaf and green beans, or plenty of other combinations that your family enjoys. Why not check out the website and try this recipe tonight?

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