BLT Pasta Layer Salad

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This take on one of the best sandwich recipes ever, the BLT, isn’t a sandwich at all, but rather a salad that layers pasta, tomatoes, lettuce, and bacon together in a trifle dish. This BLT pasta layer salad recipe is one of the more attractive salad recipes you will ever make, because of the vibrant colors of the tomatoes and leaf lettuce that shows through the glass trifle bowl. This salad recipe would be perfect if you are on the search for easy dinner ideas; all it would need is some lemony poached chicken, and you would be good to go for healthy dinners throughout the week. You could even display this pasta salad recipe on the table for an intriguing addition to a backyard cookout or potluck.

If you love the refreshing flavors of leaf lettuce salad recipes and the saltiness of cured bacon, this pasta salad recipe will be a perfect choice for you. Traditional salad recipes typically involve some greens, tomatoes, and green onions, but in the case of this show-stopping layered salad recipe, it takes the common components of tossed salad recipes and takes them over the top. The penne noodles add a filling component while the bacon adds a satisfying, salty meat component. The key part of this salad recipe is the dressing, which is tangy and garlicky bringing the entire salad together. For the best tomato taste in this dish, use vine-ripened tomatoes alone, because they are fully ripe and contain richer flavor than tomatoes that were picked from the vine too early. Alternatively, you could substitute with halved grape tomatoes or even with sliced, deseeded heirloom tomatoes when they are in season.

You may be hosting guests for lunch, so if you need lunch party menu ideas, this BLT salad recipe would be an elegant fixture alongside grilled fish, seafood, burgers, or skewers. This easy salad recipe involves all the components you would want to make a salad satisfying including the freshness of lettuce and tomatoes, the garlicky tanginess of the creamy mayonnaise dressing, and the crisp croutons. The croutons are homemade using chewy French bread, as well as herbs, spices, and Parmesan cheese. If you would like to limit spending, rather than purchasing a French loaf specifically for this salad recipe, use whatever stale bread you have on hand to make the croutons. A good practice to ensuring you aren’t wasting so much bread at home is to clean out your bread cupboard once per week, tossing out any that is going moldy. You can then take the remaining stale bread and slice it into thick ½-inch cubes, as you would need for this BLT recipe, or pulse the bread into fine crumbs for your meatloaf recipes or hamburger recipes. You can put these in the freezer until ready to use to make this crouton recipe and whatever else you can think of. Thank you to Melissa, at ‘Melissa’s Southern Style Kitchen’, for sharing her BLT Penne pasta layer salad recipe with us.

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