BLT Pasta Salad

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Sometimes certain food and flavor combinations are just so perfect they begin to pop up in all kinds of surprising dishes. Thats how this BLT Pasta Salad must have been developed. The flavors of bacon, lettuce and tomato are a smash hit on a sandwich with mayonnaise and may be just a light sprinkle of salt and pepper, so why not try it with macaroni? That brings together two summer time flavor favorites of macaroni salad and BLT. It is a combination of genius that you must try.

This recipe can be made up quickly especially if you use either bacon bits or cook up and freeze your bacon ahead of time. This recipe also blends the vegetables and macaroni with spinach creating a fresh full body taste. The creaminess of the macaroni against the crisp crunch of the spinach is a perfect complement. Round the flavors out with bacon and tomato in the right proportions and you have a salad that your family will ask for week after week.

This particular salad is great on its own for lunch or served with a thick slice of Italian loaf if you are really hungry. Pair it up with steak, chicken, or fish for a fabulous dinner combination. This salad is great because it can either take center stage for your meal or play a great supporting role. You decide. Or let your family choose, since this dish also works as part of a buffet meal. This dish can be a great part of a summer BBQ or winter dinner indoors. It is versatile, easy to make, and filling.

This recipe uses apple cider vinegar to deliver extra snap in the dressing. Be sure to include it as part of the dressing, since the dish doesnt taste quite the same without it. Apple cider vinegar is readily available at most corner grocery stores.

Apple cider vinegar is also thought to have ingredients that may support good health. Apple cider vinegar may block the absorption of some starches thus helping to prevent sugar spikes. If you use unfiltered apple cider vinegar it contains something known as mother. You can recognize unfiltered apple cider vinegar because it will be cloudy and have bits of material, the mother, floating in it. That can help digestion and improve the pro-biotics in your stomach as well as provide plenty of probiotics and other beneficial bacteria.

So for good flavor and good health be sure to include the apple cider vinegar.

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