Blue Raspberry Lemonade Jello Slush

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This drink intrigued me right away. It just looks like summer in a glass! This link features a Blue Raspberry Lemonade Jello Slush that you can make yourself! Over on This Silly Girl's Life food blog, Sara shows us how to make this colourful addition to your summer fun. The cool blue colour just looks so refreshing, like a slurpee from the store. This one has a secret though, it's made from Jello! Who would have thought that Jello could make a slush! Pretty cool indeed.

Sara decided to make this with her kids and they loved it as much as she did! What kid wouldn't love to make slurpees at home?! So much fun! It totally reminds me of my favourite flavour of Kool -Aid as a kid. Jello has actually been around for quite a long time and didn't become the popular treat we know today until the late 1800s. Although it has been used in it's more original form, gelatin in foods since the 1400 in England. So it has been around a very long time! Jello became more popular in the 1960s when people were really stating to get into the ready in minutes type of food and it was made in only a few flavours back then. Now we have all kinds of flavours of Jello and even Jello pudding available. I remember having it when I was a kid. People always had it a parties and dinners. Sometimes even served with whipped cream which was good.

There are some flavours that can't be made though, like pineapple, because the enzymes in the pineapple don't allow the Jello to set properly. So here is one more thing you can make with Jello! A nice refreshing summer slush! For and adult version you can always add a little something extra too!

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