Blue Velvet Cake

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Enjoy making a Blue Velvet Cake recipe today, and give your family a real treat to gobble up after their dinner tonight. This Blue Velvet Cake recipe is made using fresh blueberries and really does cook up looking almost as blue as Red Velvet Cake looks red once it is baked. This cake recipe is such a pretty one, and the flavor is fantastic. Because of the amount of blueberries and the way that they are prepared, the cake really does take on a blueberry and lightly citrus flavor that everyone in the family will just love (and so gobble up this cake as quickly as they can). It is quite a singular recipe and one that you should try at least once. The Blue Velvet Cake recipe also includes the classic frosting that is often used for the Red Velvet version of this cake.

This Blue Velvet cake recipe might cost a bit of money to make, just because fresh blueberries are so expensive. You might save a little bit of money on this blueberry cake recipe if you use frozen berries or try to buy them in season. But blueberries, like raspberries, are generally an expensive fruit. Still, just to have this cake once is enough to warrant buying the expensive berries and make this cake just for fun. This cake is made with great ingredients. For example, this cake recipe calls for oil rather than butter. Oil ensures that your Blue Velvet cake recipe will turn out very moist and delicious. Surprisingly, butter can cause a cake to be quite dry. So oil is a good choice here. The site blogger and recipe creator, Adora’s Box, says that she chose the thicker and more protein rich Greek yogurt for this recipe because of the amount of liquid that was already in it from other sources (like the berries and so on). So that adds more protein and plenty of good dairy elements such as calcium in to this Blue Velvet Cake recipe.

The frosting is a bit different from the classic cream cheese frosting. Many cream cheese frosting recipes include a combination of butter and cream cheese as the fats for the frosting. In this recipe, pure cream is called for rather than any butter. The recipe creator and blogger also calls for you to consider low fat cream cheese; however, given the amount of whipping cream and other rich and heavy ingredients that form part of this recipe, is there any point in going low fat with the cream cheese? But you can decide. Either low fat or higher fat cheese will work well in this frosting recipe. Enjoy this great recipe soon with your family.

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