Blueberry and Toasted Pecan Granola

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There are so many wonderful recipes for granola, and all of them are pretty much fabulous. This particular recipe does not include flour, a good thing to note for those friends who are gluten free but might still want to taste your fabulous Blueberry and Toasted Pecan Low Fat Granola. One of the many wonderful things about granola is all the really terrific nuts and seeds that are included in the recipe. That means a real concentration of flavor and nutrition, too. It does not take much granola to make a meal. Often, granola can just be sprinkled on slightly less dense foods to enhance the nutrition rather than being eaten on its own. They are real action packed foods when it comes to their vitamins, minerals, good fats and plain great nutrition content. So try your hand at making some.

Try granola over yogurt at breakfast, or sprinkled on your oatmeal. Add raspberries to either the yogurt or oatmeal for a real taste sensation and great nutrition. Granola is also great on toast, when mixed with your favorite nut butter. Try it with some melted chocolate chips and drizzle that over your favorite bread. That is also a dangerous one to try because it is almost too delicious to stop eating it (especially if you make it with brioche!).

The key to good granola lies in the blend and the bake. Be sure that you have fully bathed all the seeds and nuts and dried berries or whatever else you have added to the recipe so that the liquid, which is usually a combination of oil and sugars of some kind (here, the recipe uses honey and maple syrup, which is a delicious combination) bakes in to each and every ingredient. As well, bake the granola on parchment sheets. Granola is often baked for some time, and cookie sheets can release oils and flavor in to the granola, some times leaving an off flavor. To avoid that issue (and help with stirring as the granola cooks) put the granola on parchment. Enjoy this terrific recipe.

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