Blueberry And White Chocolate Cheesecake

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Blueberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake are a beautiful and subtle blend of flavors that create a lovely and rich dessert that can go anywhere. The blue of the blueberries is a bit unusual and the flavor of blueberry wonderfully complements white chocolate. This is the New York variation of the classic cheesecake, and so it does not require cooking. It does need plenty of time in the fridge to allow flavors to come together and the cake to gain enough composition so that it slices easily and well.

Blueberries are a wonderful fruit. Every animal knows it, and if you have dogs, you will find them in mid-summer grazing next to your cattle and goats (and chickens if you free range) in the blueberry patch. If you are smart, get down next to them and eat your fill. Blueberries are one of the most loaded berries with respect to anti-oxidants that attack free radicals in the body that attack cell structure and damage DNA. Blueberries are also an anti-inflammatory. As well, blueberries are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and plenty of other nutrients. And, they improve memory (I think; I can’t quite remember) . . . no, really, this little berry packs a lot of action in its tiny bite. So eat them often. Really wild blueberries are best (but don’t pick the ones that grow in the center area of highways in the north where they get loaded with vehicle waste), but even frozen ones are good for you.

This is a lovely and light, flavorful and delicious dish that can be quickly put together for any special event. People will love that you have brought a somewhat unusual berry, especially if it is in season, when they taste best.

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