Blueberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

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Make this easy blueberry cream cheese coffee cake for a special occasion or just for fun. This is one of the best dessert recipes that is bursting with delicious blueberry flavour perfectly combined with cream cheese and a light, moist coffee cake. This cake is great for a healthy treat or even a yummy and decadent breakfast if you're in the mood for something sweeter in the morning. If you're not a morning person, Aimee from Shugary Sweets says that this cake recipe might just make your mornings a little sweeter. We have pancakes for breakfast so we might as well have some actual cake if we want to. Pair the coffee cake with some more fruit and a green juice, and you have a nicely balanced and hearty meal. Coffee cakes are very popular cake recipes. The fact that they are so easy to make is a big part of their popularity. Coffee cake wasn't really invented, but it naturally evolved from other cake recipes. Cakes have been around since biblical times, but the cakes back then were very simple and usually used dates or honey as a form of sweetener. Coffee cake started being made around the 17th century by the Danish, and it was eaten while drinking coffee but it wasn't really called coffee cake until the late 1800s. Some coffee cake recipes do include coffee flavours in them, but not all. Some are simple spice cakes with nuts or just plain cakes.

In this recipe, there is not any coffee in the ingredients list, so it's going to be more about the blueberry and cream cheese flavours. This particular recipe actually makes two full cakes. So it would be a great recipe to make if you have a larger crowd of people to feed cake to, or a bake sale you need some baked goods for. You can also bake both of the cakes and then freeze on of the cakes for later. Just let it cool down completely before you freeze any baked goods and then wrap it in aluminium foil and then put it in a large, freezer safe bag. When you want to have it, take it out of the freezer and allow it to defrost at room temperature. So be sure you take it out of the freezer in enough time to defrost before you need it. Another great idea is to give the other cake away to a friend as a nice surprise. Aimee has a basic Cinnamon Coffee Cake with cream cheese on her recipe too if you'd like a stripped down version of this cake recipe. This cake not only includes the blueberries but some almonds and almond extract too which tastes amazing together.

You will also need some unsalted butter too which is better to use than salted butter in dessert recipes so you can add in as much salt as you like to alter the flavour of the recipe. You will also need some eggs and milk too. So always try and get organic animal products whenever you can from pasture-raised animals. To be organic, the packaging must say that it's certified organic which means that the farm has to go through inspections and pass a certain level of criteria to be deemed organic. For the cream cheese filling, you'll need cream cheese which should also be organic if possible, more sugar, another egg and blueberries. If you have a blueberry farm in your area that allows people to come and pick fruit for themselves that's always a nice way to get fruit. You can freeze it for later use too if you want. Enjoy this and other great dessert recipes from Aimee's website.***

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