Blueberry Honey Bun Cake

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How would you like to make your 'honey's' a Blueberry Honey Bun Cake? This is a tasty little recipe from Buns In My Oven. This recipe has many delicious ingredients that comprise the cake, filling and the glaze on top. It starts with a yellow cake mix made moist with sour cream and a few other ingredients, has some honey, cinnamon, pecans and blueberries to name a few filling ingredients that promise texture and flavors and it has a nice little glaze just to add that extra touch of sweetness for those that would like it.

Our featured chef chose not to use the glaze as this cake is plenty sweet for many without it, but you get to choose! This cake has some pretty nutritious ingredients in it like the blueberries and the pecans, and I love cakes that use honey as they have such a great texture. Just as a sidenote, do you realize how good blueberries are for you? These beautiful blue - berries are good in aiding you against memory loss, they can improve night vision, and they have an ingredient in them that helps prevention from infections. Not only that, they taste good. Do you get cravings for snacks in the evening when you are sitting watching your favorite TV shows? Try having a bowl of blueberries in front of you. Also, FROZEN blueberries are a perfect little treat for yourself and the kids to snack on. On those hot summer days when something like a popsicle is something you would normally reach for, go for frozen blueberries instead. Just put them in a little container and let the kids nibble away! They will be eating something healthy, loving the little balls of frozen flavor and satisfying their craving from a frozen goodie all at the same time!

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