Blueberry Lemon Poke Cake

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Blueberry and lemon are wonderful contrasts and complements in this blueberry lemon poke cake. Everything is made from scratch and the whole thing is chock full of blueberries, so this cake will be really flavorful. This recipe also offers some quick to make suggestions for when time is short, but you would really like to offer up a poke cake and blueberries. This is great, because so often we get caught without something ready to serve. This option makes a quick dish available to you.

Fresh blueberries are often seasonal, but that is what you need here. So when they are in season, get some high bush blueberries and make this cake. High bush blueberries are sweeter than low bush varieties. The low bush varieties are almost never available for sale, except on rare occasions when people living in rural areas brave the rocks where they grow and pick them and bring them to market. They usually also have a hefty price for the privilege of eating them, but they are worth it. Some of my friends have discovered blueberry patches that they refuse to disclose the locations of, in order to ensure a feast in the summer. Yes, of course, they invite all of us. And this type of berry is the very best for pie.

Still, this cake is likely best with fresh berries of any kind as they are available at your local grocery store. And blueberries are layered in different ways throughout the cake to really emphasize the tang of this lovely berry. There are enough berries that you are probably giving everyone who eats the cake a good anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory shot, too. So extra goodness in every bite.

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