Blueberry Muffin Cake

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This is a big recipe and will yield a large, dense and lovely, cake, chock full of blueberries. It actually has three layers, flavors and textures, which means a cake that is much more interesting. Here, the blueberry cake creates a smooth and dense texture broken up with sweet and moist blueberries. A crumb creates a bit of intensely flavored crunch, and the finishing glaze, in addition to making the cake very attractive, delivers an intensely buttery-sweet punch to finish off the blueberry muffin cake.

This cake offers interesting tips. For example, the recipe calls for lemon extract. The blogger, Brandie, comments that the lemon extract gives a good hit of lemon to the cake. Lemon is a wonderful complement to blueberry flavor. She notes, though, that if you prefer to use real lemon that will work just as well. Brandie also comments on the flour that she uses for the cake; here, all purpose flour. She prefers the White Lily brand because it is so fine, and recommends that, if you choose to use this brand as well to increase the amount of flour (she gives the amounts). Flour is something we often don’t think about, but it is a critical part of baking. Many of us only ever use all-purpose, but consider using cake and pastry flour when you bake those things. Flours are carefully engineered, using specific amounts of protein to control how much gluten is in it. Gluten controls structure. More important, perhaps, is the amount of protein. Protein influences the amount of gluten. So flours with less protein yield crumb like the kind you find in cakes and pastries that can easily break and fall apart. Higher protein flours produce the crumb you find in bread, chewy, dense, and not quick to fall to pieces.

You could make the cake twice, once with the White Lily brand and once using your all purpose flour. See if you notice a difference.

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