Blueberry Pie Pancakes

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Enjoy two of the best recipes in one with these fluffy and delicious blueberry pie pancakes. If you love blueberry pie and pancakes, you're in luck; this is one of the fun breakfast recipes from Katie of Chocolate Covered Katie that combines two yummy recipes. You could make this pancake recipe for breakfast, or you could enjoy it as a dessert too. Pancakes are decadent enough to be served as a nice dessert, plus, they are super easy to make. The pancakes turn out to be huge with this pancake recipe, so you might only need to eat one each. For this recipe, Katie uses fresh, organic blueberries when they were ripe and in season. If you can't find fresh, organic blueberries feel free to use frozen blueberries instead. It's also a great idea to purchase more fresh blueberries when they are in season and on sale, and then just freeze them to use in recipes like this one, or in smoothies or oatmeal.

To freeze blueberries, you'll want to first lay them out on a baking sheet making sure that they aren't touching one another. Once they've frozen for about an hour this way, you can transfer them into freezer bags or containers. This way the berries won't freeze together which causes them to stick together in lumps. Blueberries are a great fruit to have around because they are low in sugar and they contain antioxidants and vitamins that are great for our health. This pancake recipe is also a great alternative to making muffins. Katie came up with this recipe when she was thinking up new ways to use up her fresh blueberries, and she didn't want to make any more blueberry muffins. It turns out that her pancake recipe is a total hit because there are over 200 reviews on it and it's been shared a bunch since she posted it a few years back. The secret to making these pancakes super fluffy is adding some baking powder to the recipe. The recipe takes only 10 minutes to prepare and makes enough to serve one or two people. You can also increase the amounts of the ingredients to double the recipe to make more.

All you need is some flour, you can use pastry flour, white flour, spelt flour, or Bob’s gluten-free flour for this recipe. So if you are gluten intolerant you can substitute in the gluten-free flour instead. You'll also need some rolled oats, cinnamon, baking powder, salt, vanilla extract, milk or a milk substitute like almond or coconut milk and some sugar or stevia for a healthier option. You can also add in a tablespoon of coconut oil if you like. All you do is

mix all of the dry ingredients in a bowl, then add in the wet ingredients and mix until everything is well combined. Heat up a frying pan over medium-high heat and put some coconut oil in it to prevent the pancakes from sticking. Then, pour in your desired amount of batter into the pan and cook on one side until the batter starts to bubble, then flip the pancake over to cook on the other side. When they are done, serve warm with some coconut oil as butter, and use maple syrup as a topping. Or you can add some coconut whip topping and some more fresh blueberries on top if you like. To make a compote, you can heat some blueberries up with some sugar or stevia and mash them using a fork then pour them over your pancakes. Enjoy this and other fun breakfast recipes and healthy dessert ideas from Chocolate Covered Katie.***

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