Blueberry Slab Pie

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Does this recipe for Blueberry Slab Pie bring back memories for you? It does for me. When I was a little girl my mother would take me and the rest of the kids out to pick blueberries. It sometimes seemed like awfully hard work, and I always struggled to not eat the tangy blue berries. I was not often successful, and my older sisters would just shake their heads as I brought the woeful few I had collected to add to my mothers massive basket.

My mother seemed like such a queen collector to my childs mind and nothing short of magical in how she seemed to be able to collect so many blueberries in such a short time. I wished I could be like her, but I just kept gobbling my berries up or dropping them or squishing them because my pudgy little fingers couldnt grasp very efficiently.

It all worked out, I suppose, because my mother never failed to get home and make up at least two blueberry pies that were choc-a-block with blueberries. She would mound the berries magnificently in the pie plate, and I would be in awe that my mother could make them stay in the pie plate that way.

She also still allowed me to help her make up the dough. I did little more than stand on a chair next to her and watch in wonder, but she would talk to me about the process and I learned a lot about baking in those conversations. Today, blueberry pie remains my very favorite pie, probably because of the great memories she helped me to create.

This recipe for blueberry slab pie is a version of pie that is easier and quicker to make. It bakes up in a square pan, too, so its easier to serve. The pie includes white chocolate chips that make the treat extra special. There is also a crumb topping that not only helps absorb the juiciness of the bubbling berries, but also lends a light crunch that contrasts against the smoothness of the pie base and filling.

This recipe is great for lunch, dinner, friends, guests, or just when you a snack in the late afternoon before dinner. It is wonderful served warm with ice cream or whipped cream. Some might prefer yogurt since blueberry anything is often extra sweet. However you like it, why not try some tonight?

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