Blueberry Yogurt Jello

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Growing up, I had an older cousin who loved Jello! She would have gone nuts for the 'Jello Mold Mistress' website and a recipe like this one for a Blueberry Mold Jello. If you would rather not used blueberry flavored jello, you could also use your favorite brand of non flavored jello and have a bit less of the 'blue' coloring. If you would like a bit of color rather than clear, blue is a bit hard to get naturally, but you could add a bit of dark purple grape juice instead of the water (try 1/4 cup of the juice) before you following the rest of the directions.

So basically once you have your gelatin in a bowl, you will pour a boiling liquid on top so that the gelatin gets fully dissolved. Once dissolved, you can pour in your remaining liquid (this is where I would add the grape juice if I wanted a natural hue). The mixture will have to be put into the fridge for a little bit until it has thickened, but not hardened, and you can stir in your blueberries. Once the blueberries are folded in, then you ill place it into your mold and let it sit until completed hardened and sticky to touch.

You might be wondering why you would bother with natural gelatin, rather than Jell-o from a box? Well the answer comes down to health factors, since natural plain gelatin (from an organic grass fed source) is actually good for your health in several ways including the fact that it strengthens your joints, skin, hair and nails. Some people will even make little 'healthy jello vitamins' for their kids by adding in extra powdered vitamin C, probiotics and other things like beet crystals.

For the full list of ingredients and directions, visit the website like below to the 'Jello Mold Mistress'.

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