Boho Jean Pillows are a great way to use all those old jeans and fabric pieces you love

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Adding some more style and personality to your home can be as easy as throwing a couple of new pillows on your sofa or bed. Home decor accessories are a great way to liven up any room, and the great thing is, they are very easy and affordable to change out when you need to refresh any room. The easiest way to decorate any room is to go with a neutral colour pallet for your paint, sofa and flooring and then add colour in by accessorizing. Depending on where you look, certain home decor items can be expensive. But if you shop at the right places you'll be able to find some really great stuff for affordable prices. Look at outlet centres or support local small businesses, or even check out your local thrift stores or flea markets. Better yet, look for diy ideas online and make your own accessories like these boho style jean pillows. All you need is some old denim fabric from an old pair of jeans and some other fabrics pieces. You'll also need some yarn as well.

Claire, from Pillar Box Blue, shares with us her diy ideas for making some really cute throw pillows out of fabric scraps. She uses denim fabric and some vintage sari fabric to create these bright and beautiful pillows. She found her vintage sari fabric online on eBay or Amazon, but you can also maybe find some at your local thrift store. If you don't have an old pair of jeans lying around, you could also visit your local thrift store and pick up a pair or two of jeans there. If you don't already have some pillow inserts or some cotton batting to fill your pillow with, you'll also need to buy some filler or an insert for your pillows. Claire used the 65 cm by 45 cm Ikea Fjadrar insert. You will also have to get a zipper for each pillow cover you make. So each side of the pillow has 3 panels of fabric creating 6 panels in total. To create the front of the pillow pin 2 pieces of the denim fabric and 1 piece of the sari trim together with stick pins and then stitch up with your sewing machine. Do the same for the back of the pillow. Next, you'll sew the zipper into the pillow and join the two sides of the pillow together. Claire also put up a video that shows how to sew a zipper on properly. Then, you sew the other side of the pillow together and turn it right side out, and you can then put your stuffing or pillow insert in through the zipper.

Add some cool handmade pom poms out of yarn by using a pom pom maker and then attach them onto the pillow by handsewing them onto the corners of the pillow. This is also one of the great ways to recycle yarn that you haven't used for knitting or any other projects. Make pom poms out of them and attach them to different things to make them more beautiful and colourful. If you don't want to use denim fabric you could also use some other recycled fabric or get a drop cloth from the hardware store and use that as your fabric. Drop cloth fabric is very inexpensive, and it's very durable which makes it perfect for a pillow. You could even paint some designs on your fabric with some fabric paint and make your pillows really artistic. Try making these pillows and try some other cool diy ideas from Pillar Box Blue.***

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