Bookshelf Chair

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This is the perfect chair for the avid book reader and book lover! You can learn how to make your own Bookshelf Chair with just a few simple steps from an Instructable from a man who built his wife one for her birthday. She must have been so amazed to find this as her birthday present. He was so sweet, and found something like this on the internet, but it was actually going to cost over $5000 to buy new, so he thought, why not try and make it myself? It really doesn't seem too difficult, just some shelves and some padded cushions that are upholstered.

He calls his creation, the 'biblio-chaise" or library chair in english. The bookshelf chair measures in at 41.5 inches wide by 34.5 inches long and 29 inches tall. A pretty good size for this sort of piece. The chair can fit up to 18 feet of books in the shelves, I am not sure how many books that would be, but in the photo it looks like it can definitely hold a lot! His wife definitely looks like she has a love of books, there are even full bookshelves in the background of the photo.

The link on Instructables gives you all of the steps and the materials you need to make the chair, and he has written the steps in pretty good detail. This is the work of a master craftsmen, who saw something that he thought would be an awesome idea to make and then he formulated a way to make it all on his own. Now the plans he made up are here and ready for anyone to be able to use and turn into their own dream library chair or maybe even a sofa! Can you imagine a sofa with a bunch of books in it?! This sure beats leaving your books laying all over the floor.

Darko Kavazovic, has his own website that shows you some other projects that he has done, including the one you see here. He seems like quite the whiz when it comes to making things and inventing things. It's pretty neat to see the things he has made. He even has a work in progress of a sound system for the outdoors! Would you love to have one of these in your home? Or do you have some one in mind who you think would love it? Head over to 'Instructables' by following the Read More link in the description below!

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