Boston Cream Pie Poke Cake

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Boston Cream Pie Poke Cake is a fresh new twist on a very classic dessert. It is much easier to make than a pie, and this recipe puts the results in to a deep dish that makes it pretty to serve up too.

This recipe uses ready mix pudding to poke in to the cake. This means that helping hands can make the pudding or help spread the pudding over the warm cake. Let it soak in for a while before adding the ganache.

Ganache is a French word meaning icing or sauce. It is basically chocolate of any kind and cream. The cream is heated to the boiling point (not beyond) and then poured over the chocolate. After that, liquors can be added or butter, which gives the ganache a glossy finish. Generally the chocolate to cream ratio is about two parts chocolate to one part cream. Any way you cut it, though, this is a super rich sauce. In France, it is sometimes put in to a mold, chilled, and then cut into slivers and served straight up. Only the French could create a dessert so decadent.

This recipe uses an easy alternative to the ganache that will allow you to create something just as decadent for your Boston Cream Poke Cake.

The cake is formed in layers because the poke of pudding doesn’t fully soak in to the cake. So be sure to spread the ganache while it is still warm. If it cools too much, it can become too thick to spread over the creamy dessert. When you serve it, be sure to cut out pieces so everyone an admire the triple layers that you create. It looks heavenly, and although it won’t take much to encourage people to enjoy such a decadent treat, it will ensure that the entire cake is devoured quickly. Try it tonight!

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