Boston Cream Poke Cake

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This is such a quick and easy cake to make that you can hand this one off to some other member of the family and kick your feet back and let them handle the show from start to finish. This Boston Cream Poke Cake is an easy peasy blend of commercial mixes that makes your job light and guarantees good results every time. It uses a yellow cake mix, a couple of pudding mixes and even prepared frosting so that you can pull this dessert together in no time flat.

Boston Cream Pie is a misnomer, really, since it has always actually been a cake, and never a pie. It combines a sponge cake filled with cream or custard that is in the middle of the cake, and then the entire thing is frosted. The cake can be served at room temperature, but I think chilled is much better for a cake that contains pudding or cream. But you can decide which your family prefers. This is an old cake, thought to have been first developed in the mid-1800s, in Boston, of course. It may have been a take off on Washington Pie, a jam-filled cake that was topped with icing sugar. As with so many things, as chefs worked to create their signature dishes, the jam got replaced with custard, and the sprinkle of icing sugar with chocolate icing.

However, it came about, we can be grateful that it did because this is a lovely cake in its original form. This quick version can help you to prepare an equally lovely dessert that can be served in summer or winter and that you can hope most people will likely enjoy. The poke technique ensures that the cake will be very moist throughout, and look very attractive when it is cut. Try it soon!

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