Braised Beef Pot Pie with Biscuit Topping

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Here is a great addition to your family meal planner. This gives a new meat definition to us since you can use any meat that defies your needs and the needs of your diners. This is a fun and easy baking recipes addition to your repertoire of baking recipes. Barry offers us a delicious potpie recipe that will give the meat definition another few words. You can add the words tasty and nutritious to the list. This meal that is a great part of any family meal planner can be made in the oven or you can always cook it n the slow cooker since it calls for at least 2-3 hours of cooking time. So if you are looking to add to your fun and easy baking recipes list then look no farther. This meal includes beef but feel free to take the beef out and go with chicken, pork, venison, and lamb or just go totally veggie.

Never feel the ingredients of the recipe are meant to tie you down. Always remember that the recipe should become part of what you and your prospective diners like to eat. Many people are now eating veggies and leaving meat off the menu. Then you have diners that love chicken or pork. Never think the recipe is your ball and chain, rather treat the recipe as your friend and friends can always agree to disagree.Potpies are excellent ways to make individual dishes for each diner.

They have a rich and exciting history. The burning question is; which came first the cow or the beef potpie recipe? All kidding aside since pies with meat in them have been around for a very long time but cows have definitely been around longer so that debate is put to rest in a hurry. You must go back to the early part of the 6th century B.C. to start our trek and from there we can happily tell you that this was the time the first recorded meat pie of any type was introduced. The Roman Empire can take credit for bringing this easy to make and wholesome dish into our recipe books. They have been credited with many other innovations in food recipes as well. It was made from many different types of meat ranging from beef to chicken and pork and many game meats as well some being wild boar and deer. The crust has always been an integral part of the pie recipes since it is the vessel that all the goodies are encased in and it is also tasked with keeping them under cover while the cooking process goes on. If the crust is not made well then a potpie can become a volcano that erupts in your oven. Always keep a tray under them to assure the filling does not become part of your oven.Thanks to Barry of Rock Recipes Blog for this yummy Braised Beef Pot Pie with Biscuit Topping Recipe that gives us another take on the ancient delicacy. Bon apetit.

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