Braised Radishes with Shallots and Bacon

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Try out this often overlooked vegetable and make braised radishes with shallots and bacon tonight.

This recipe is great for beginning cooks who can try a new vegetable that they might not be familiar with as well as a possibly new method of food preparation.

Radishes are small bright red root crops that are easily grown and most widely available during the spring and early summer. They are definitely an under-appreciated vegetable in most western cooking. But there are plenty of reasons to eat your radishes. For one thing, they are believed to help cool body temperatures, so they are a good snack on a hot summer’s day. Unsurprisingly, their hot tang and snap can soothe a sore throat and clear out nasal passages when you have a cold. They are loaded in vitamin C and so can help you to resist infections. They also help your digestion, aiding the elimination of toxins from your digestive tract, and even protecting against certain cancers. So eat your radishes!

Braising is a two-part cooking method. First, the meat or vegetable (and fruit, sometimes) is seared in a pan either with or without any fat. Then, a liquid, often flavored to complement the searing is added to the pan, and the ingredient is covered and left to finish cooking. This two-part method is hard to go amiss with, and is a great technique to quickly maximize flavor in many foods.

These radishes are served with shallots, a type of mild onion, and bacon, a much loved and favorite food with most of us. Together these flavors create a great dish to serve with burgers, over chicken, in a sandwich with cheese or plenty of other combinations.

Try it tonight. This dish is easy to make, and economical, too. The website gives lots of photos, good how-to’s, and plenty of help and advice. Enjoy it for dinner!

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