Brats and Taters

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There are almost as many recipes for Brats & Taters as there are ways to spell the name! This is another one of those very comforting meals that is perfect to serve on a dull, gray day when it is cold, wet, and rainy outside, and every one is just a little bit bored. It could be a summer day that has turned out surprisingly chilly, or the first few days of late fall or early winter. On those days, dishes such as Brats & Taters really hit the comfort spot, warm and filling and delicious to eat.

This recipe is quick and easy to make, and the kids can probably almost pull it together on their own. Pick your favorite sausage and if you like it, use commercial tater tots to make things really easy, especially if the kids are cooking it for every one. The dish begins with lots of onions and garlic, if you like it. Garlic should be allowed to sit for a few minutes after you cut or smash it to allow the nutritional benefits found in the alliinase to develop. Toss the sausage in with these ingredients and let the whole thing cook up for a bit. Add taters—whether you make them from scratch or use frozen ones—to the whole mixture. Put on the lid and let things cook through.

Some recipes add cans of soup—mushroom is a great choice—to create a nice sauce to this dish. Some people also serve this dish over smashed potatoes. You can decide what you like. A side of steamed greens works really well here. This is a great late Saturday afternoon dish when the day is cold or rainy or wet, and you want to give you and your family a great homemade pick me up.

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