Breaded Chicken With Bacon

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What could be better pretty much any day of the week than breaded chicken with bacon? It is one of the best comfort foods to serve on those days when you just need a little more oomph for your dinner. Serve it over noodles, smashed potatoes (yes, they are called smashed now, not mashed), or with a side of rice. Add some butter and garlic asparagus and you have a filling feast that will bring your family running.

Bacon has fallen into a bit of a funk with some people because of its high fat and relatively low nutritional value. Still, bacon can be used with many meals to give foods a flavor pop that takes your dish from good to holy-moses-what-did-you-do great! And who doesn’t want that kind of response from your family and friends? The secret to using bacon is to cook it well so the fat and meat both become quite crunchy. Then you simply crumble it and lightly sprinkle it on the meal. This method means that you can use only the tiniest amounts of bacon to make real impact on the dish.

Even these so-called “bad” foods can be eaten, just in moderation and with a bit of restraint. This recipe combines the bacon with chicken and cheese, a great protein blend that is filling and good for you. So use the chicken as the excuse to put a bit of bacon on the food. It also makes the dish more attractive and complex, which may encourage finicky eaters to try a few bites or a few bites more.

A great side for this dinner could be asparagus. Asparagus is easy to get right every time. Simply chop off the white part of the stems. Bring any pan that can hold the asparagus to a boil with just enough water to cover the bottom of the pan. When it is at a full boil, toss in the asparagus. Cook one minute only. Drain off the excess water then add fresh or jarred chopped garlic and a generous amount of olive oil. Plenty of pepper and a bit of salt finish off this dish. Let the asparagus sizzle in the oil for about one or two minutes, until the garlic is seared. Blog Chef has plenty of other filling recipes you can try and you can find them with a great search function right on the site. Why not try this dish tonight? Or search the site for another dish that you and your family can enjoy. There are plenty to choose from. Enjoy!

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