Breakfast Burrito Bonanza A Freezer Meal Idea

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Do you need more breakfast inspiration? Sometimes its best to just have something ready in the morning. Here is a Breakfast Burrito Bonanza A Freezer Meal Idea for you to make ahead of time so that you have a good, nutrient dense meal for breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day after all! We are totally not morning people in this house, we like to linger for a long time before any breakfast is made, but whenever we have something pre made like this, it is always so welcomed for breakfast! I usually love to just have a quick and easy green smoothie or juice for breakfast, but guys need something more substantial than that, so this would be a great, quick and simple breakfast to just pop in the oven or microwave to be done in minutes.

These burritos are packed with protein, which is awesome because having enough protein is what keeps you feeling satisfied throughout the day and not getting hungry for some less than nutritious snacks or meals. That is why breakfast actually is the most important meal of the day nutritionally. It sets the tone for the day for what you will want to eat and it also sets your metabolism. Your body won't be likely to store as much sugars or fats because it is getting the proper nutrients it needs right away!

These couldn't be easier to get ready either. You just need to make up your eggs and meat and some potatoes, roll them up and freeze them. There is a little more to it than that, but essentially, that's the concept for these burritos. You could even do a vegetarian option with sauted veggies too! These will be a god send in the morning! Head over to Mom On Time Out by following the link in the description below for this recipe and more!

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