Breakfast Sangria

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This colorful and appealing recipe is for Breakfast Sangria! What a fantastic way to start the day if you want a rather more 'festive' drink to mark a fun event. This is primarily a citrus drink and yes there is alcohol in it and it would be such fun to serve at a brunch.

You will read the ingredient amounts and instructions shortly, but basically you have limes, oranges, and grapefruit as the fruits. Cointreau is the liquor. What is in Cointreau? This is a French orange liqueur and has been around for 150 years. Made from a mixture of sweet and bitter sun-dried orange peel, these peels are macerated in alcohol along with sugar and water. This clean liqueur clouds up when mixed with ice. It is used in desserts, and in cooking savory dishes, as well as a drink. The recipe also calls for Prosecco. Again we have another alcohol, this time it is a sparkling white wine that is similar to champagne. Like champagne, Prosecco goes through two fermentation processes which is where the bubble comes from in both. The difference is that Champagne ferments in a wooden barrel, and Prosecco ferments in stainless steel vats. The process is quicker and so because of that it is less expensive than Champagne. It may cost less, but it is becoming an ever popular alternative when you are looking for a Champagne type of drink. This is a perfect choice for this Breakfast Sangria.

This Sangria recipe is to made up the night before drinking. No doubt this gives time for the flavors to infuse through out the drink. I could well imagine this a drink that would be very popular for wedding parties, book club brunches, or on a hot summer day when everyone just wants a light fun drink.

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