Breakfast Stuffed Peppers

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This breakfast stuffed peppers recipe proves that stuffed peppers aren’t just for dinner. Rather than being filled with meat and rice, these peppers are filled with an egg mixture involving bacon, green onion, spinach and cheese. The mixture is simply divided between the egg halves before being baked in the oven until the filling is set and the peppers are soft. Ashley, the author of The Recipe Rebel recipe blog, came up with this pepper recipe because her family loves eggs and it is handy to have something on the go in the morning. She mentions that these peppers will be sturdy enough to grab and go if you are in a hurry, making them the ideal grab-and-go option in the morning.

Whether you are on the search for a new flavourful breakfast, need to eat low carb or want to get more vegetables in your diet, these peppers will be a perfect choice. Easy stuffed pepper recipes normally have a filling that is heavy on meat and carb-rich rice, but this one is made healthier by going lighter on the meat and not including a filler of any kind. As a result, you will have an incredibly nutritionally dense breakfast recipe which will hold you until lunchtime. One serving of this dish involves an entire bell pepper, which means each person will be getting plenty of vitamin C, fibre and potassium when they have this breakfast, including plenty of protein from the eggs. Each person will also be enjoying a few servings of vegetables at the start of their day between the bell pepper, spinach and green onion. If you need new sweet pepper recipes, these egg stuffed peppers will become a favourite dish with those brightly coloured fruits.

There are many types of healthy stuffed pepper recipes out there, but many are dinner fare involving healthier grains than rice, like barley. Some dishes even go all vegetarian with pulses like lentils, which are a very filling and nutrient-rich substitute for meat and rice. Some people don’t think of eggs as being a healthy food since they are so often linked with high cholesterol, but they are in fact one of the most nutritionally dense foods. Eggs are also an excellent protein substitute for vegetarians. This breakfast stuffed peppers recipe is delicious with the added ham and bacon, but they aren’t integral to the dish if your dietary restrictions prevent you from enjoying them. Instead, try adding some sautéed mushrooms to the egg mixture for a meaty texture, and a touch of soy sauce may add the salty, savouriness you would get from bacon.

If you tend to avoid pepper recipes because they don’t stay upright in the pan and tip and lose their filling, there is a way to counteract that. The secret to making the peppers stay upright when filling with the uncooked egg mixture is to trim the bottom of each pepper so it will sit flat. This must be done without cutting right through the pepper or else your egg mixture might drain out of the pepper. This is a great tip when cutting anything like creating a flat surface on a vegetable when chopping will prevent the item from rolling around and limit the possibility of cutting yourself. For an extra creative twist on this stuffed pepper recipe, consider using mini sweet peppers instead. This would allow for the perfect bite-sized treat for parties when you need a healthy hors d’oeuvres option or be the perfect size for kids. Thank you to Ashley, the author of The Recipe Rebel recipe blog, for sharing her breakfast stuffed peppers recipe with us.

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