Brick Street Chocolate Cake

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Cake baking is not always an easy endeavor. That should not dissuade you from trying since the

best cake recipes are not always the easiest. Baking a cake lies somewhere between having a blast in making it to the other end that can be having a headache getting everything right. In the end you and your patience will be the deciding factors in regard to which route you travel. Allie brings us a delicious down home cake recipe that if done right will definitely be one of your best cake recipes. The richness and chocolaty goodness will have people asking for seconds. When you consider baking a cake just remember that cake baking is truly an art form. If you don’t follow the exact directions for the different amounts of the ingredients you will not achieve nirvana in the cake world. In the end always remember you can shift around ingredients but try to stay as true to the measurements as you can because in baking that is the Holy Grail. Don’t shy away since the fun is in the trying and the beauty is in succeeding.

Cake recipes are almost always welcomed with smiles and anticipation and this one literally, takes the cake. This cake recipe from Allie has more than one thing going for it. It has easy to get ingredients many of which most bakers include in their pantries and the next nice thing is the simplicity in the instructions. The keys to making this recipe and the decadence of the flavors add to the surprise for your diners when they find out how easy it is to create a masterpiece. This recipe as with most cake recipes is structured in the preparation process and unfortunately this is also the part that trips up many first time cake bakers. If you take your time and make sure you get the ingredient measurements correct and use quality ingredients then you have mastered the toughest phase. When this cake was originally made it called for it to be baked specifically in a convection oven. Allie has made it possible for this cake recipe to be cooked in an ordinary oven that most people have in their kitchens. She has adjusted the cooking time to make it possible.

This is the part of baking which is the toughest. Most ovens actually don’t distribute heat the same as the next. Always check the cake while baking to assure you have cooked it long enough. That is where most mistakes are made and with some care you won’t make that mistake.Don’t ever be discouraged if you try a recipe for the first time and it doesn’t come out as expected. The fact that you can try again and again if needed is great and will allow you to make it perfect and once you do you will have mastered the art of baking.Thanks to Allie of Brick Street Chocolate Cake Blog for this yummy Brick Street Chocolate Cake Recipe that brings chocolate to the next level. Bon Apetit. **

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