British Beer Battered Fish & Chips

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Have you ever been to Great Britain and tried some authentic fish and chips? Well if you have, you know how good it is, and now you can make your own, with this recipe for British Beer Battered Fish & Chips! If you have ever had real British fish and chips, than you know what a big deal it is, and you know how seriously people there take their fish batter. It really is all about the batter, and it requires a good recipe to get that batter nice and light and crispy every time. The worst thing is a soggy, heavy batter that is too thick and takes away from the fish itself.

This recipe will give you are great recipe that you can make at home, and have a little taste of Britain right in your own kitchen! There are so many ways to make the batter for fish and chips, you do see a lot with beer in the batter, like this one though. A lighter beer works best, and if you don't have beer or don't want to use beer, you can use fizzy water, its the carbonation that helps. Then of course it is just the other ingredients, flour, water, milk, oil, and the fish! A cod is usually what is used, but any meaty white fish will be perfect.

The chips part is also in the recipe, which is great! Can't have one with out the other! The first Fish and chips restaurant was created back in 1860, in London and was found to be a great way to feed the middle class people very affordably. Then in World War 2, it was the only food that didn't have to be rationed! It was such a simple and cheap food to make, and still is a classic loved all over the world! Head over to 'Love Foodies' by following the link in the section below!

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