Broccoli And Cheese Pasta Soup

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This soup can almost fall in the chowder realm because of its consistency, thick, and the milk as well as the stick to the ribs goodness. It can be one of your healthy soups by some tweaking here and there and can be included in your healthy homemade soups recipe list. Healthy soup recipes don’t always start out that way but with ingenuity and cutting down on some of the heavier ingredients, flour and milk just to name a couple, you can feel better about the contents and what is going into your stomach. When searching for healthy soup recipes always remember you can be the final writer of the recipe to adjust it to your own needs. Angie has put together some fabulous ingredients and as per usual you are not bound to those specific ones and your own touch might get it to the healthy homemade soups list.

When it comes to healthy soups just remember you are judge jury and practitioner and if you say something stays it does, if you say something has got to go then goodbye Charlie to that ingredient and replace it with one you feel does the trick for you and your diners. Broccoli, carrots and mushrooms three of the ingredients in Angie's soup recipe are always good and are not on the unhealthy food list. Most vegetables you would like to substitute with are usually

great and adding spinach, bok choy or any green leafy veggie you can think of will work as well.

Soups are great anytime of year and with the beauty of being able to use up leftover vegetables or thing like rice or noodles you can always add some of the flavor you already incorporated into the leftovers to add to the flavor of your soup. Many chefs that are on strict budgets have that concept as their ace in the hole. For an example, if you have made a chili and did not add cheese to it, cheese doesn’t recook well, you can basically add some stock or water to the chili and it can be resurrected as a wonderful soup since the flavors always meld better after a day or two in cold storage. The same can go for a marinara or even Bolognese sauce that is basically marinara with meat. If you have leftover sauce don’t be shy and add some stock or water and some of your favorite veggies and voila in a quick 20 minutes you have an Italian based soup, please add the name of your own hearts desire. That is the beauty and simplicity of soups.

When all is said and done soups are always welcome whether on a cold day or a rainy one or yes even a hot day since you can make a cold-based soup such as Vichyssoise or gazpacho. Thanks to Angie of Big Bears Wife Blog for her yummy Broccoli and Cheese Pasta Soup recipe. Remember at the end of the day any homemade soup is a good soup. Bon apetit.**

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