Broccoli Apple Salad

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When I ate my first Broccoli Apple Salad I was delighted by the flavor complements of the sharp bite of apple against the more sultry taste of broccoli. I was a pretty young cook then and did not know a lot about using fruit in main courses and vegetables like broccoli in salads. Since then, I have learned that fruit can be used to cook meats, fish and chicken with extraordinary results and that vegetables and fruit can appear in the same dish very successfully. This pretty salad is one of those combinations.

Did you know that apples and broccoli are loaded with nutritional value? Apples are well known for their contribution to a healthy diet. They contain phosphorous, potassium, magnesium and calcium. But did you also know they contain fluoride? Broccoli is a member of the same vegetable family that contains cauliflower, turnips and other cruciferous vegetables. Just one cup of broccoli provides more than the recommended amount of Vitamin C for a full day. It also contains Vitamin K, E, and is a good source of fiber. There is good research that links eating cruciferous foods with lower rates of cancer.

This recipe showcases apples and broccoli, but it doesnt stop there! Its also loaded with cranberries, pecans and other delicious and nutritious foods. And to top it all off theres a homemade creamy dressing that you can prepare using low fat mayonnaise and plain yogurt. In short, this dish loads you up on your veggies and even adds dairy to the plate. Its a great lunch dish or serve it for dinner with grilled chicken. Why not try it out on your family tonight? You are sure to get raves for just how pretty and colorful the blend is, and your family will ask for it again and again.

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