Broccoli Cheddar Bacon Quiche

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Quiche is one of those dishes that work in almost every setting you can imagine. Take this Broccoli Cheddar Bacon Quiche and serve it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, bring it to any gathering of friends and family, or to any other occasion where you want to bring something nutritious, delicious and filling. Quiche is a great meal, and you can put almost anything you want in to the egg mixture that forms the basis of almost every quiche.

Quiche is fundamentally a mixture of eggs, milk or cream, butter, seasonings and then any additional ingredients you might want to add. Bake and eat. Quiche can have a crust or not, and almost any amount or configuration of ingredients. Quiche fell in to disrepute when eggs were also spurned because we thought they contained cholesterol and that was really harmful to our health. Today we know that you can safely eat one egg every day, so eat your quiche.

This particular recipe combines well loved flavors including cheese and bacon, as well as some great veggies. Do not let the list of ingredients concern you. Just be sure you get every thing lined up before you begin so you know you have everything that the recipe calls for. As well, you can use any kind or blend of cheese that your family prefers, as well as any cut of bacon. Consider using a smoked bacon or smoked cheese. Or use both. This particular flavor is fabulous in quiche. Get in the habit of making quiche again. It is a healthy dish full of protein from the eggs, and you can add almost anything to it that your family enjoys. Try it soon because then you will be making it often.

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