Broccoli Grape Salad with Feta

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Broccoli Grape Salad with Feta can be served as a robust lunch with a chunk of good bread on the side to sop up the dressing and scoop up the salad, or as a side dish for dinner. Those who enjoy only slightly sweet desserts might like this salad after dinner to clear their palette. Any way you take it, this salad is a delicious sweet, salty and savory combination that will please just about everyone who tries it.

I remember as a girl eating salads as a chore rather than a pleasure. Our mother insisted that we eat greens at every meal, and that’s often how we got them. It was not until I became a young adult that the newer and so much more delicious salads were presented to me. What a joy to explore salads that mixed so many interesting ingredients, sweet with savory, fruits with vegetables or legumes or nuts or the so many things we find in salad today. And what a wonder to discover that I no longer wanted to smother my salad in some rich and creamy dressing just to be able to swallow it. Light oil and vinegar dressings were all these new creations needed to be fabulous accompaniments or center stage dishes at lunch, dinner, or any time at all.

This salad is perhaps not entirely new, but it still uses wonderful complementary ingredients of vegetables and fruits as well as Feta cheese to make a uniquely satisfying dish. The addition of sesame seeds gives it extra nutrition and makes it even more filling and satisfying. Valerie’s goal (the website blogger) is to offer “simple and seasonal meal suggestions for busy households.” She has struck gold with this offering. Try it today and enjoy!

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