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The first brookie that I ever ate was one made without any flour or salt. It was made with four different kinds of chocolate, plenty of egg whites and sugar. Sea salt was also part of the mixture. They were fabulous. Here, a real brownie recipe is blended with a real chocolate chip cookie recipe to create, well, a brownie and cookie or, brookie. Viola! And this recipe is rich and fabulous, made with butter, and flour, and all the usual ingredients found in those delicious snacks.

In this recipe, you make up one recipe of each brownie and cookie. You will be able to distinguish them by the white color of the chocolate cookie blend and the chocolate color of the brownie. That will be important when you combine the two sweets in to one round to create the brookie. This recipe is not complicated, even though it may sound like it. Once you read through the recipes and see how they are made and come together, you might see it as a fun project to make on a rainy day with the kids. They will love to bring together the two different doughs and smashing them together to form a round cookie. They will wait in anxious anticipation for the mixture to cook, just so they can taste test and assure themselves, that, yes, indeed, this is a brownie and a cookie, and just like the recipe title says.

Enjoy this recipe on a day when you want to spend some cooking time with the kids. They will have a blast first helping you put the two recipes together and then watching the results as they bake. This is a fun and yummy recipe. Be sure to try it out soon.

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