Brown Butter Honey Garlic Salmon

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Try this Brown Butter Honey Garlic Salmon recipe and see what a difference browned butter and honey and garlic can make to this wonderful piece of fish. This Brown Butter Honey Garlic Salmon recipe is a great one to make when friends come over for lunch or dinner. That is also one of the nice things about making a salmon recipe. It is light enough that you can have it at lunch, and yet still filling enough to make it a great choice for a dinner meal. So you choose when you want to serve this salmon recipe made with the great flavors of browned butter, honey and garlic. This combination is fabulous and tastes delicious not only with salmon, but also with chicken and even other meats.

Salmon is a fabulous fish to choose to feed your family, especially for the omega three fatty acid that is found in this fish, but also for several other very important nutritional reasons. Salmon research now tells us that salmon may very well play an important part in join support, the effectiveness of insulin activity in our body as well as supporting control of inflammation in our digestive tract. These are all critical activities that support our good health, and salmon makes a major contribution to all of them. Salmon contains loads of vitamin B12, vitamin D, vitamin B3 as well as selenium, phosphorous, and, of course, plenty of protein and omega 3 fats. So eat wild salmon often, although also be sure that you buy wild salmon, and if you can find it, salmon that comes from Alaska rather than the over fished and polluted areas of western Canada and the USA.

This Brown Butter Honey Garlic Salmon recipe also contains loads of other good foods that help balance all that brown butter in the recipe. Garlic is a major source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Be sure to let garlic sit a few minutes after you chop, cut or mince it in order to allow the alliinase to begin to oxygenate. Brown butter is a great way to improve the flavor of many dishes, either savory or sweet, because the process to make brown butter improves the flavor and intensity of butter, while removing trace materials and some salt. You can make brown butter for any number of dishes, especially where you think the flavor of the butter could be (and possibly should be) emphasized, as in this Brown Butter Honey Garlic Salmon recipe. Here, the butter flavor is a great one to pull out of the dish and it works well alongside the other strong flavors of garlic and fish. So enjoy this salmon dish soon, and serve it often.

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