Brown Butter Pumpkin Streusel Muffins with Brown Butter Glaze

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Beurre noisette, or brown butter makes this recipe for Brown Butter Pumpkin Streusel Muffins with Brown Butter Glaze an impossibly rich and lovely one. These muffins start with great spicing and then add a lovely streusel to give it some crunch. Pecans add to the texture with their light and lovely sweetness and tender bite. The muffins are heavily drizzled with a brown butter glaze that is easy to make, but adds a richness that is incomparable in baking.

Beurre noisette, or brown butter, is quite easy to make. Use unsalted butter for the brown butter. Put the butter in a pan and allow it to slowly heat. As it continues to cook the butter becomes concentrated and turns a rich and golden brown. Allow the butter to get deep in color and scent. Do not let it burn, so heat it slowly. When it is a lovely deep brown, remove the beurre noisette from the stove, and drain it in to another container, leaving the residue at the bottom of the pan out of it. This is beurre noisette. It gives an incomparable smell and flavor in whatever dish it is used (try it with garlic smashed potatoes, leaving the skins on the potatoes, just for a treat). It adds great depth of flavor and lovely color.

Here the muffins are layered; first, with a crunchy streusel and then, second, drizzled with a terrific glaze. It will be a good and sturdy muffin because of the pumpkin, and then made special because of the way the butter is prepared. The pumpkin flavor will also pop because of the depth of flavor brought in to this recipe from the butter. Knowing how to make beurre noisette is a special trick to teach your up and coming baker, and the two of you can have lots of fun with this recipe. As well, you and the kids will really enjoy the sophisticated flavor that arises out of this muffin recipe. Try it out soon.

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