Brown Butter Salted Caramel Snickerdoodles

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This recipe bumps up the lovely cookie called a snickerdoodle with salt and browned butter to create Brown Butter Salted Caramel Snickerdoodles. And there is another surprise, too. The cookies are rolled out and cut in rounds, and a caramel is put inside the round, which is then topped with another cookie round and pinched closed. So this is a double surprise cookie with salt and a little surprise inside.

Be sure to use a good quality salt in recipes where the salt is being high lighted. Salts do have unique flavors and since you are high lighting the flavor in this recipe, be sure to use a fleur de sel or Maledon salt for the recipe. As well, watch the browning of the butter. Beurre noisette, invented by the French, is a fabulous way to concentrate and improve the flavor of butter. However, you can easily burn this lovely creation. Brown butter is easy to make, as long as you do not burn it. Simply put the amount of butter called for in a good pan and let it begin to heat up slowly. Watch as the butter gets brown, and a silt forms on the bottom of the pan. When you can really smell the butter, and it is a rich and golden brown, it is ready. Pour the butter in to a heat proof dish, and let it cool. Do not let the silt drip in to the dish (but if you do, do not worry about it).

The inclusion of brown butter as well as salted caramel in this recipe and a surprise caramel in the middle takes the simple (but lovely) snickerdoodle well beyond its plain (but delicious) roots. Now this cookie will be truly spectacular. Make it soon and enjoy it often. Your family will really appreciate them.

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