Brown Sugar and Lemon Chicken Breast

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Brown Sugar and Lemon Chicken Breast is a lovely combination of flavors that works well with the chicken, and it will also taste great against whatever veggies you might be planning to serve with this dish tonight. This dish goes through two cooking processes, which may seem a bit unusual. But the first step is in cooking the chicken; once that is done, the next step is then to bake the chicken with the brown sugar and lemon sauce on top. This is how much baking is done where there is a finish or glaze or some kind of sauce on top of the meat. It simply ensures that the meat is fully cooked, the glaze or sauce cooks in to the meat (or chicken or fish) and also makes sure that the finish does not burn. Since many glazes are made with easy to burn ingredients, such as sugar or milk, this method helps to prevent that.

This dish will taste great with almost any veggies that you enjoy. Try a sweet veggie, like carrots or sweet potato and even curry the veggies to go with this dish for Brown Sugar and Lemon Chicken Breast. Add rice if you make the veggies this way. Chicken is a wonderful food to serve. It is low in sodium and fat, but higher in cholesterol. Still, it is a lean protein that is easily digested by most people. Even vegetarians are often okay with eating chicken when it is on the dinner table.

Most or us do not eat as much meat as we used to, and have turned instead to chicken, a great alternative. This recipe offers one of many ways to eat this terrific meat. Enjoy this recipe soon. It is quick and easy and affordable to make up for your family. Try it soon.

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