Brown Sugar Bourbon Ham

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This easy Brown Sugar Bourbon Ham recipe is a great addition to holiday dinners. This brown sugar ham is full of flavor and just as good cold from the refrigerator as it is right out of the oven. For this brown sugar bourbon ham recipe, a bone-in smoked ham was used, and not the spiral sliced kind you get from some places. This ham has a rustic, home-style look that is scored and roasted. But if you prefer a spiral-cut ham, that will work too. Whatever type of ham works for your particular needs. The key to this brown sugar bourbon ham recipe is the bourbon. The bourbon marries together with the sweet, rich brown sugar and the tangy Dijon mustard perfectly. For this brown sugar bourbon ham recipe, Heritage Distilling Brown Sugar Bourbon was used for the recipe. This bourbon is amazing all on its own or over some ice, and it works especially well with the ham. If you can’t find brown sugar bourbon, you can use any good bourbon you like which will work well. This brown sugar bourbon ham is full of flavor and is just as good served right from the fridge as it is out of the oven. For this brown sugar bourbon ham, you will need one bone in smoked ham, brown sugar, brown sugar bourbon, and Dijon mustard. For the full step by step instructions and short video for this brown sugar bourbon ham, you will want to take a look at the Bread Booze Bacon site.

A succulent ham recipe is one of the most popular good family meals for holiday feasts, and it's easy to see why. Ham is an easy main dish recipe that is easy to cook. When it comes to choosing your ham, there are three main types of ham to choose from. Ham comes from the back leg of the animal, and there are three ways that this cut of pork is typically treated. For fresh ham, this is the uncured leg of pork, and it must have fresh as part of its name. Fresh hams have the same color and the same texture as a fresh uncooked pork roast, and the ham must be cooked before it is eaten. Cured ham, is a leg of pork that can be cured in one of two ways, either brined, or cured with a dry rub and then hung to dry. Cured hams are deep rose or pink in color and can be sold ready-to-eat or may require cooking. Always check the label when purchasing hams that need to be cooked as they must be labeled with the cooking instructions. Cured and smoked ham, are the same as cured hams, and they have the additional step of smoking the ham.

Then there are city hams versus country hams. Country hams. Fresh hams are not very commonly available, and they are not typically served around the holidays, so what you will most likely find is cured and sometimes smoked hams. These hams can usually be divided into two categories, to include city hams and country hams. City hams refer to the type of hams that are cured by brining, sometimes being smoked, and are sold fully cooked. Country hams are the type of han that is cured with a dry rub, then hung to dry, and sold uncooked. You will want to be sure and know which type of ham you are buying and cook it accordingly.

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