Brown Sugar Glazed Ham

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Enjoy this Brown Sugar Glazed Ham recipe that is one of the classic ways to prepare this delightful meat. Preserved meats have really fallen in to deep disrepute because of the preservatives in them that have been called by the World Health Organization as “carcinogenic.” So people are a bit more leery now about what kinds of foods that they eat, as well as how those foods are preserved for them to eat them. This brown sugar glazed ham recipe uses a combination of dried apricot and brown sugar. There is a choice to use a sugar substitute for this rub that you put on the ham recipe. If you have not tried sugar substitutes before, be aware that their flavor is sweet, but that they often have quite different finishes and kinds of sweetness than ordinary white sugar. So you might want to try the sugar substitute on one half of the ham recipe and the other real sugar on the other side of the ham recipe and make a comparison to see which one you and your family enjoy.

Ham is wonderful meat that we still enjoy despite all the cautions that might attend eating this meat. Ham can be served with a broad range of veggies including potatoes and corn, rice and mixed veggies and sometimes, candied yams and peas. There is still a whole range of other combinations that you could use that would go really well with this ham recipe. The word ham refers to pork that has been specially preserved through different methods. Those methods could include so called wet curing, smoking or even salting the meat. Originally ham was made only from the back part of the leg of the pig and only that part of the animal. Now it is made around the world and even is a prized product that comes from special parts of the world. The French and Westphalia ham are two examples of ham that is really prized around the world. Ham is such a prized meat that you have to meet strict requirements in order to call the meat product you might be producing as ham. Some types of ham such as prosciutto are specially protected.

Enjoy this ham recipe on any night when you want to eat something that is a bit special and extra delicious. There are many great ways to make up ham, including poking it all over with cloves and baking it. usually the cloves are poked in to a raw bit of ham that is covered with fat that melts and takes the flavor of the cloves and infuses it the meat as it cooks. Other hams are purchased pre-cooked, as here.

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