Brown Sugar Peach Crumble Pie Recipe

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Here's the perfect way to use up some of those summer peaches you have. And you know it's going to be good, because this dessert recipe came to be after about eight days of recipe testing, and a total of four peach pies later. The filling recipe is sturdy with plenty of juicy peach chunks throughout. The crumble for this keeps its shape, with some of its butter melting down to create an even richer peach pie filling. Imagine this brown sugar peach crumble pie with some ice cream on top; it doesn't get much better than this. For the full step by step instructions, you will want to take a look at the site. This is a homemade peach crumble recipe that the whole family will love.

When it comes to the best peaches for this peach crumble recipe, you will want to look for peaches that are slightly firm and not hard. You also want to use peaches that have no bruises or soft spots. Sally's Baking Addiction recommends using organic peaches if you have them because they seem to have the best texture for peach pie. And for this peach crumble recipe you will need about 9 to 10 firm peaches. You then want to let the peaches sit in a paper bag for about one to two day. This will ensure that they are ripened to perfection. At this point there may be a couple of soft spots, so you will want to buy a couple of more peaches than you actually need. If there are any peaches left you can always eat them. The next step is to cut the perfectly ripened peaches into chunks, not slices. The peach chunks seem to look best with the buttery crumble on top, with larger chunks working best. Lots of peach chunks, from somewhat firm peaches, seems to do the trick.

This dessert recipe also calls for a homemade crust. This is your chance to make the perfect homemade crust recipe, which isn't as hard to make as you might think. Sally's Baking Addiction also has a homemade crust recipe, or you can make your favorite crust recipe if you prefer. For this brown sugar, peach crumble recipe you can make the homemade buttery, flaky pie crust. This homemade crust recipe is made with a few simple ingredients to include flour, salt, cold water, and fat. Making pie crust, you want to start with quality flour. As for the fat that you use when making pie crust, that is up for debate. Some people prefer butter while other like to use shortening. There are strong opinions out there, and it's up to you which one that you use. If you despise shortening, this pie crust recipe might not be for you. If you want a homemade crust recipe that stands the test of time, using shortening like many mothers used to (and still do) is a good idea. Sally's Baking Addiction prefers to use shortening over butter, as it has a high melting point, and it aids in creating the flakiness that everyone loves in piecrust. Flaky, tender, melt-in-your mouth homemade crust. As for using butter, this ingredient does add amazing flavor. Nothing beats butter, and you can butter to create a crust that is full of tender flakes and rich in buttery flavor.

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