Brown Sugar Walnut Fudge

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There is nothing quite like a brown sugar walnut fudge for dessert. Just thinking about it, will cause your mouth to start watering. In the South, they love their homemade fudge and candies, and this is where you will find beloved family recipe for fudge candy that is often passed down for generations. This brown sugar walnut fudge version is an old-fashioned flavor that maybe your grandmother would have made. This recipe for fudge candy is typically made with either walnuts or pecans, you choose. And you should never be intimated to make a recipe for fudge candy that requires a candy thermometer. The reason is that a thermometer can make the process easier because you won’t have to use guesswork when the recipe for fudge candy is finished cooking. You can think of it this way; the candy thermometer is the tool that will tell you exactly when the fudge candy recipe is ready. A good tip is to take the time to toast the walnuts first which adds great depth of flavor to the nuts. This recipe for fudge candy can be enjoyed any time of year. For the full step by step recipe for fudge candy, you will want to look on the Melissas Southern Style Kitchen site.

Some of the recipe ingredients you will need for this recipe for fudge candy and diy idea for fudge recipe is chopped walnuts or pecans, brown sugar, evaporated milk, butter, salt, miniature marshmallows, vanilla extract and English toffee bits. For this recipe for fudge candy, it is always best to toast the walnut or pecans before adding them to the recipe. To toast the walnuts for the fudge recipe preheat the oven to 350°F. Then spread out the chopped walnuts in a single layer on a baking pan and toast for about 6 to 8 minutes. Then cool completely. In a heavy bottomed saucepan, you can start this recipe for fudge candy by melting together the brown sugar, the evaporated milk, butter and salt. For the full step by step tutorial and recipe for fudge candy, you will want to take a look at the site.

There are several benefits to using walnuts in this recipe for fudge candy. The health benefits of walnuts include an improvement in metabolism, a reduction of bad cholesterol in the body, and control of diabetes. Other important health benefits offered by consuming walnuts is that these nuts possess anti-inflammatory properties, help as a mood booster and aid in weight management. Walnuts also may slow down the spread of cancer. Walnuts are edible seeds that come from the trees of the Juglans genus. Walnuts are round, and single-seeded fruits that come from the walnut tree. The fruit and the seed of the walnut fruit are covered in a thick, inedible husk. The shell of the walnut fruit that encloses the kernel of a walnut is hard and two-halved. The seed of the walnut fruits contains large amounts of nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, EFAs (essential fatty acids), vitamins, and essential minerals. Walnuts have always been considered to be Brain Food, maybe because the surface structure of the walnut looks quite a bit like the crinkly appearance of the brain. Because of this reason, walnuts have been considered to be a symbol of intelligence, which leads to the belief that walnuts actually increase one’s intellect. While this might not be exactly true, recent scientific studies have proven that the consumption of walnuts does help to promote brain function.

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