Brownie Caramel Cheesecake

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This brownie caramel cheesecake combines some great flavors, using commercial mixes and purchased sauces to make this dessert a quick and easy recipe. A first time baker or someone just learning the ropes of baking can certainly try this recipe out and expect some great success. The website also puts up plenty of super photos to show you what things should look like as you prepare this recipe, and gives terrific ideas about how you can decorate and finish the cake so it looks tantalizing and really professional.

The cake is also several different layers of color, taste and texture, so be sure to put it in a pan that you can later remove, such as a spring form pan. It is worth it to buy this kind of pan so that you can show off the labor of your efforts. And everyone loves to see things that are made so well and taste so great. Here, a brownie mix gets the base ready quickly and makes a lovely dark chocolate bottom. Then the cream cheese filling is added and the other ingredients are layered on top. Bake and chill overnight (or at least one-half day). To serve, release the dish from the spring form pan and decorate as the website illustrates. Or, create your own decorating idea. Since it is chocolate, any “mistakes” requiring more chocolate will likely be happily greeted by your family.

Cheesecake is a versatile and easy cake to make. It can be flavored in all kinds of ways and in layers that can include all different kinds of sometimes surprising ingredients. Once you have a basic recipe down, you can branch out to make your own creations in flavors that your family will love. Try it today.

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