Brownie Mix Cookies

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Sometimes cookies can be tricky to get just right, so try these brownie mix cookies and see whether they help you create the perfect cookie for your family to snack on. This recipe adds a few ingredients to give the box mix some extra punch and to make these cookies feel like they are home made.

Cookies are really an extraordinary delight, or should be. In a single bite, they need to satisfy taste, texture and the desire for something sweet. Too often, though, box cookies are just dry and flavorless or too sweet to offer anything beyond a sugar rush. For those reasons, it is well worth taking the time to action pack any pre-packaged recipe you use (as our baker does here) or making the cookies from scratch.

One tip that many bakers leave out because of the time factor is to leave your batter in the fridge overnight. If you are making the cookies from scratch, especially, their flavor will improve dramatically if you let the dough rest and allow the flavors to come together in the fridge. Try it and you will see the rave results. This tip can be used with any recipe.

Another tip for great cookies is butter. Margarine or shortening rarely make the grade. For flavor greatness, stick to the real thing.

This recipe ensures that your cookies will be very moist with the addition of eggs. Many cookie recipes don’t call for eggs, but those that do mean that cookie will be moist rather than crunchy.

Cookies are not really the best starting point for new cooks. A truly delicious cookie requires patience, a good knowledge of how to blend ingredients properly, pure ingredients, and a careful eye and understanding of what constitutes doneness in something so small. Save making cookies from scratch until you have been baking for some time. Until then, this recipe offers a delicious compromise of quality and taste.

These cookies are also quick and easy and economical to bake up. Try them tonight and see what you think.

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