Brussels Sprouts Gratin

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This Brussels Sprouts Gratin recipe is full of yummy and healthy things to eat, and may encourage your kids and family to enjoy Brussels sprouts more often (a good thing to promote with them). This recipe uses a great cheese, too, Gruyere, which has a unique and interesting flavor, as well as a robust taste that will work well against the equally robust taste of this brussels sprouts recipe. This Brussels sprouts recipe is also titled as gratin, which, borrowed from the French, simply means that something has been put on top or poured over the item being cooked. Generally, or at least, historically, au gratin meant something that had bread crumbs or a light topping made with bread crumbs (that sometimes included cheese) sprinkled on top of the dish. In this particular Brussels sprouts recipe, a cream sauce is made with the Gruyere cheese that is then poured over the Brussels sprouts and baked. So the sprouts will have lots of cheesiness to them.

Brussel sprouts are a member of the cruciferous veggies family, and this little cabbage like veggies is a very hard working member of that family in terms of the terrific nutrition that this little veggie can provide to you and the kids (as well as everyone else who comes to dinner, of course!). Brussel sprouts help to improve how our digestive system works and improves the activity there in a way that helps to lower our cholesterol. Like the other cruciferous veggies in this family, but to an even greater degree, brussel sprouts have a particular ability to help protect us from several different types of cancer. That is because of the phytonutrient that is found in brussel sprouts (and the other cruciferous veggies like broccoli) known as glucosinolates. Brussel sprouts contain four types of glucosinolates, all of which help work against different cancers. So eat up when it comes to this little veggie. In fact, this veggie as well as other cruciferous veggies have been recommended by the World’s Healthiest Foods site to be consumed as often as four and even five times each week and for each of us to eat as much as two cups per serving. That is a lot of veggies!

This is an easy dish to prepare, as well as one that is cost effective. Brussel sprouts go a long way and they are almost always cheap to buy, and readily available at your local grocery outlet. The Gruyere cheese can be a little more expensive, but a little also goes a long way with this flavorful cheese. And everyone will enjoy this great dish that blends such good nutrition and taste. Enjoy this delicious and nutritious dish soon!

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