Buckeye Cookies

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This recipe offers a quick and easy way to make Buckeye Cookies, a lovely chocolate cookie with two toppings that include peanut butter and chocolate. Even though there is sugar in this sweet treat, as in all sweets, there are ways to improve the nutritional value while still offering your kids (and the big kids in the family) a great snack that they will really enjoy. This is one cookie recipe that is worth keeping around and handy. It comes together quickly and will taste great served either cold or warm (and warm, served with ice cream).

Here chocolate and peanut butter are two of the primary ingredients in this cookie. The cookie recipe starts with a boxed mix. One way to possibly improve the nutritional value is to use an organic mix. That at least helps to ensure that the preservatives and additives are kept to a minimum. Then, choose the peanut butter you use carefully. Look for a peanut butter that is made without added sugar or salt. That is a great first step. Peanut butter (and peanuts, of course) are a great source of food energy, especially for growing kids. There is lots of good fats, loads of protein, some fiber, and plenty of vitamins and minerals. All nuts and seeds (pretty much) are wonderful sources of numerous components that contribute to a healthy life style, so encourage your kids to eat them. Chocolate, if you use a high enough cocoa value (more than 70 percent cocoa) is also a great food source and one of the most potent in terms of the anti-oxidants that it contains. So chocolate can also be a great thing to serve kids, who need foods that are loaded with good nutrition.

Enjoy these cookies and choose good ingredients when you make them, so you can offer them to your kids with less worry about the foods that they are eating. Enjoy them soon.

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