Buffalo Chicken Chili

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Are you a fan of chilli, but want to try something a bit different? This buffalo chicken chilli recipe will be the perfect new recipe to try out. The chicken chilli has the beans and meat just as a regular chilli would, but it also has buffalo sauce giving it a buffalo chicken wings flavour. Karly from Buns In My Oven shares this awesome, easy dinner idea with us and she made it for a Superbowl party. So not only would it be great for dinner, but it would also be awesome as a potluck dinner idea, or a dish to be served at a party. She uses dried beans for this recipe so you can also learn how to cook beans from scratch which can save you a lot of money in the long run if you use beans a lot. It can also be healthier than beans in a can because of the different preservatives that are added to canned foods to keep them fresh. She doesn't soak her beans either, but you can if you want. This will help to make them more easily digestible. Instead of using ground beef as you would in a regular chilli recipe, she uses some ground chicken. You could also use some shredded chicken if you have a leftover rotisserie chicken or some leftover chicken breast from a previous meal.

Whenever you are buying meat to use in your chicken chilli or in any other recipes, it's best to use chicken that comes from an organic farm where they were pasture-raised. These chickens are raised happily and healthily on humane farms, and they tend to have less fat when they are cooked as well. This is because they're given a healthier feed instead of soy meal which tends to fatten them up. For the beans, you can use the same ones that Karly uses which are Hurst's Great Northern Beans or you can use any beans you like. White beans would be best in this recipe since they would taste the best with the sauce and the chicken. The prep time is only 15 minutes for this recipe, and then you only have to let it cook for 2.5 hours. The recipe serves 8 people, so if you need more to feed a larger crowd just double the recipe as needed. Besides the chicken and the beans in this chicken chilli, you'll also need some extra virgin olive oil, carrots, onion, celery, garlic, chicken broth, cayenne pepper sauce, chilli powder, cumin, salt, and crumbled blue cheese or even cheddar cheese if you like.

First, take some oil and put it at the bottom of a large pot, then you'll cook the ground chicken meat until it's completely cooked. Then you can chop up the onion, carrots, celery, and garlic and then add all of them to the pot too and let it simmer for a few minutes. Even if you're not going to soak the beans, you should rinse them first before you add them to the pot. Add the chicken broth in too and then once the pot comes to a boil you can turn down the heat and simmer for 2 hours. After 2 hours put in the chilli powder, hot sauce, cumin and salt and then cook for longer, so the flavours come together. You could even try adding the spices in at the beginning for a really intense flavour. Then, once everything is done, you can serve it up with some blue cheese crumbled over the top. You could also try making this in your crock pot too; it would just take longer of course.***

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